Wednesday, June 15

a sad day and a happy day...

Today was this little boys last day nursing and it was definitely a day of mixed emotions for me.

It was a happy day, because I have the freedom that I haven't had for the last 9 months and now that this little guy is done nursing, his little siblings have more access to the nutrients that they need.

But, it was also a sad day. As Moms I think we always know that there is going to be an end to nursing and sometimes that is the very thought that gets us through those first few weeks of constant feedings, and it may be just me, but I really enjoyed nursing and had a hard time giving up the sweet closeness of snuggling with my little boy a few times a day and feeding him!
Jackson has always been a great little eater and has LOVED nursing from the moment he started, so it wasn't an easy transition for either of us, but we managed to go from him not taking a sippy cup or a bottle (for a whole 9 months) to him saying no to nursing and wanting the bottle in a little more than a week! All pretty much thanks to prayers and my Mom who kept Jackson and fed him his morning bottle two days in a row!
I know it seems silly to miss nursing when I'm going to be nursing my twins in a little less than 7 months, but it's hard not to feel sad when I give my little boy a bottle!!

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