Saturday, June 4

4H Fun Day

Today our bank hosted mini farm days and allowed the 4H club to come and show off all their animals. Needless to say, Hailey had a blast!

She looked at lots of things and laughed a lot with her Daddy

she got to pet a sheep

and some bunnies- the baby ones were definitely her favorite (and everyone elses...who doesn't like a cute cuddly baby bunny??)

But, the grand finale and the biggest highlight of Hailey's day was going for 2 horsey rides!

Yup, you did read that right...Hailey convinced her Daddy- the guy who hates horses and hates spending $ to pay for her to go on a horsey ride twice!! (she definitely has him wrapped around her finger, doesnt' she?!) ;)

It's so fun to have Korey home this weekend and able to just play with us and do fun stuff like this with us...we all really missed him last week, when he was working a crazy amount of hours!!

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