Sunday, March 13

It's been rough around our house lately...

both the kids have had a few "tumbles" and "rumbles" and each are sporting a nice little black eye!
Here's Hailey's...she got it from falling down our kitchen stairs into the mudroom. She was pretty tired and should have already been down for her nap, but instead she was opening the door and calling to Allie(who was outside) while I was cleaning up from lunch and she just slipped right down the stairs, landing on her poor little head! :(

And, here's baby Jack's! He fell off the bed and got the wind knocked out of him on Friday morning, but that's not what gave him the black eye...he got that from my parent's dog stepping on his face! (yeah, he did have a rough day on Friday...poor guy, I bet he was happy when he woke up and it was Saturday! ;))

I'm so thankful that neither of my kids got any more hurt than a black eye and a few scratches. Either one of them really could have gotten really hurt in their respective "tumbles", but I truly believe that God was watching over them and protecting them from any serious harm! And, I'm very thankful for how quickly baby skin heals- Jackson barely shows any of his cuts and scratches and Hailey just has a nasty looking yellow bruise that keeps getting smaller and smaller as the days go by!!

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