Wednesday, March 23

Tea for Two!

Hailey and I were supposed to host a tea party for some girly friends this morning, but instead we all got snowed in and so we decided not to let all the yummy food and cute decorations go to waste- we had a tea party for the two of us!! :)
Hailey loved the opportunity to be a big grown up girl and use a glass plate with a real cup and a real fork and knife! She even tried to cut her cheese and sandwich meat with the knife!
Here she is showing me her best and biggest happy face!
she was especially fond of the chocolate covered strawberries and the little chocolates that we had as a special treat! She asked me to take a picture of the "chlate" (as she calls it)
and then I had to take a picture of the cheese, too! :)
Ahh...what can I say it doesn't take much to make Hailey and I happy and to keep us occupied for a day!
It was a super fun way to celebrate a rather disappointing turn of events...who woulda thought that two days in a row in late March snow would have cancelled our plans?? My only big disappointment is that I didn't get a picture of her cute princess dress that she's wearing. She dressed herself this morning and it was a riot- all frills and pink! Her poor Daddy would not be very proud if he saw it! (but, he would have thought she was cute) :)

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