Thursday, March 24

giggle, giggle, laugh, laugh

That's what we do every day with Hailey around...this girl is seriously goofy!!

That's why we love her! :)

She had to take a bath this evening, because she and her little friend, Samuel, decided to play in baby formula and although he definitely got the brunt of it (he actually looked like he had an AWFUL case of dandruff) Hailey had dry formula in her ears, her hair, under her fingernails- basically she smelled like it! And, mixed in with that was coffee, because she and Samuel (and Taylor and Trevor) also got into the can of coffee that I left on the counter this morning! (yes, they did have a very active day) ;) So, needless to say, she was in desperate need of a bath, but afterwards she still had a lot of energy left in her, so she put on her coonskin cap and goofed around on our bed!
What possessed her to do that is anybody's guess, but it sure was cute...
Hope your day was as goofy and fun filled as ours was!

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