Saturday, March 5

6 months!

Can you believe that this little cutie is 6 months old already??
I think that he gets cuter and cuter as the days go by.
Here's a little bit of what he's doing these days:
*eating pretty much anything and everything he can get his hands on!
in fact, he screeches and hollers like crazy if he doesn't get it fast enough or if it runs out. It doesn't matter how much he gets, he always wants more!! I think he's gonna be a little chunker soon. :)
*rolling all over the place. He doesn't really like to sit anymore or hang out in the bouncy seat or swing (the only reason we keep the swing around is because his sister is addicted to it...) ;) He even gets too excited to sit in his bumbo and has fallen out on his head two times in a row, now...oops!
*jumping like crazy in the jumperoo. He loves it because it's in our doorway and can see me, even if I go into the kitchen or the livingroom!
*giggles and laughs outloud at his big sister. The rest of us have to work pretty hard to get him to laugh or to distract him when he's crying, but not Hailey- she just says, "HI baby Jack" and he's smiling...what a little bugger, huh?!
*stealing his sister's blankie, bunny, and trying to steal her snacks! (he also "kicks" her and she tattles on him...I guess it's starting already...) I'm thinking he's gonna be kind of a bully, 'cause Hailey's rather wimpy when it comes to defending herself, even now, when she definitely outweighs him! Luckily (for him, anyways) he doesn't seem too concerned with her tears!
I'm loving the fact that I'm the mom of a 6 month old, now! It is such a great age- no more of that wimpy crying newborn stuff, he eats less often and sleeps for longer periods at a time- what more could you ask for?? He's an added joy to my life and I wouldn't change having him for anything in the world- even at 4 in the morning when he wakes up crying because he has to poop and is having a hard time... ;)

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