Friday, March 4

facebook for Hailey??

Yup, Hailey has a facebook page, now!
We made a "friendship tree" the other day and Korey calls it her facebook page... ;) It really is just a tree that I took all of our christmas card pictures and put on. We have some dear friends that are moving and it got me thinking about Hailey not even remembering, I wanted her to be able to have photos of our family and friends so that she would be reminded of who they are- even if she doesn't see them all the time!

So, no, I don't think Hailey needs a facebook page, yet, but this tree was a great success for her. She LOVES it- she goes by it all the time and "counts" the people and the butterfly and flowers. :) If you don't see your picture on here it's because you didn't send us a christmas picture this year- so get on it!! :)
Isn't this adorable??? She's been sitting on her "princess potty" alot lately and actually has even gone poopy on there a few days in a row, now!! (she even says, "princess potty, momma" when she has to go) It may be the start of something good and pretty exciting!! :)

I just love this little girl! She makes me so happy. I don't think I'll ever be able to find a better helper or a kid that makes me giggle more than this little girl does!

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