Friday, January 28

there are some days...

were I just feel like an awful mommy! And today is one of those days. Last night Hailey was up a few times crying and at one point I kissed her forehead and realized that it was really hot, so I gave her some tylenol. I didn't check what the temp was at the time, but I knew it was high, 'cause she was sweating!! But, this morning she was still a little whiny, but not super hot and it didn't seem like she was too sick, so I decided to go ahead with our plans and head to Appleton shopping with a friend. I thought maybe she was coming down with a cold or something like that...definitely not anything super serious. Boy was I wrong!! She was such a trooper- considering how sick she felt, but she did NOT have a good time shopping in Appleton today. She just wanted to sit in my lap or be carried by me, not play on the toys, not ride in the stroller, not eat her food or even the cookie I bought for her. It was so sad! :( Everytime someone, other than me, would touch her she would just cry and cry and cry. I even found myself getting upset with her, because she was just being so whiny. Little did I know that she had a very good reason to be whiny and she was actually being a lot more of a toughie than I gave her credit for. Korey knew the minute we got home that there was something wrong with her- he pulled her out of the car and into the house and her legs were just shaking...she was burning up with a fever...she had a blotchy rash on her legs...her hands and feet were swollen and she just cuddled in. She didn't even want her Papa to hold her, she just wanted me. (and that is very serious, because she LOVES her Papa and often she'll pick him over me-given the choice) When we took her temperature it was 102.4, under her arm and when I called the nurse she told us to take Hailey to the walk in clinic ASAP! oops...I don't think I've ever wanted to cry or felt so bad in my entire life. It turned out that Hailey has strep throat and it's nothing serious, but it was definitely enough to make this momma feel pretty guilty. The poor thing had been struggling with this high fever all day long and I had just dragged her around the Fox River Mall like it was nothing. All she wanted was some snuggle time and to sit on her mommy's lap, but instead she had to travel all around the mall. Poor little peanut. I know that a mom can't always know everything, but I definitely should have known she was too sick to go shopping...and I feel so guilty for not! I'm so looking forward tomorrow, though, so I can make it up to her and get in plenty of snuggle time on the couch!! :) One thing that this day definitely makes me thankful for is that God does grant us forgiveness when we screw up and that Hailey won't ever remember her mommy taking her shopping when she was sick!

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