Friday, January 21

Happy Birthday, Hailey girl!

"I'm 2"
That's what Korey has been teaching Hailey to say and it's hard to believe that tomorrow at 1:37pm it will be true! I can hardly believe that 2 years ago it was a Wednesday night and I was making sure all my bags were packed and nervously thinking about labor and contemplating holding my baby girl!
Wow!! Life has changed so much and she has grown so much in two years that I can barely believe it! I never knew you could love a child as much as I do Hailey! She is definitely the apple of her Papa's eye, but she has a very special place in my heart. Not only is she my first child, but she is my miracle baby- the child that I asked and begged God for- my blessing from above. There are days that she wears me out, that I put her down for a nap and just fall into the couch exhausted- or even wish that I could just take a moment to sit on the couch, but even on those days I am reminded of how thankful I am that God gave her to me. She makes me so happy, she makes me laugh, she definitely makes me smile, she keeps me on my toes, she shows me God's grace, she reminds me of myself when I was a kid (so, she makes me thankful for my mother and all her patience), she stretches me and shows me new things about myself, she makes me rely on God's strength when mine is depleted and I still need to keep up with her, but most of all she makes me thankful!! When I see Hailey I am reminded that God does enjoy giving good gifts to His children.
Tomorrow we're having an elmo themed birthday for Hailey and I'm so excited about it. She's so "into" elmo these days- everything is Elmo and Zoey. Today she found one of her birthday presents (an elmo doll) and carried it everywhere with her, shared her dinner with it, fed it a snack, cried when she had to take a bath without it, and snuggled with it when it was bedtime, so I'm really thinking she's gonna LOVE all the elmo stuff she's gonna see tomorrow!! :)
Happy Birthday, sweet little girl. I hope you enjoy your day filled with "elmo" and family!! I pray that we have many, many, many more giggle filled years with you!! :) Your mommy loves you, don't ever forget that!

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