Wednesday, January 5

4 months

Jackson is 4 months old. I can hardly believe it...where has this past four months gone?? probably the same place that my sleep has gone-
and where that is, anyone's guess is as good as mine!! :)
But, I'd rather have this little guy than sleep- it's true- believe it!!
Jack's really starting to look at things and take them all in- especially his Dad!
(he is kind of goofy looking, so who can blame him?)
and, he's starting to get a cute, goofy little personality! He's super ticklish and just giggles and giggles when we tickle his belly!
he loves his jumperoo, now! It took a few days of putting him in it and some creativity(putting a blankie under it so that he could get some traction on something), but he seems to be a big fan of it, now!
he has a huge love affair with his little fingers- they ALWAYS find their way to his mouth and as long as he can have his fingers he's happy! :)
I just love this little guy and am soooo thankful that God blessed me with him. He's the best baby a mom could ever ask for- he rarely cries- pretty much only when he's tired or hungry, he's easily entertained, he smiles and giggles, he's cute as a button, he falls asleep in his bouncy seat when I'm not paying attention, and I never have to worry about leaving him at someone's house, 'cause I know that he'll be good!!! In fact, if he would just take a bottle he would be perfect, but we're still working on that! ! :)

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