Saturday, January 29

sick day!

Hailey's been a little "under the weather" still today, so I let her take her nuk and blankie out of her bed- everybody needs a little extra comfort when they're sick, don't you think?!

apparently sitting in the baby's swing and swinging yourself, while listening to some very comforting rainforest music is very comforting, too! I think she spent about 1/2 hour sitting in here this morning while I tried to tidy up the kitchen and living room!
After that, though, she got a little more chatty and adventurous!! I think it was maybe that the medicine was finally kicking in, but whatever the reason, I'm so glad that she started feeling better!

Isn't she cute all dressed up in her dress up clothes- do you see the cute little crown on her head and my black dress shoe on her foot and that she's talking on the cellphone?! She really wanted to chat on the phone today, so we called her Nani and she sat at her table, eating frozen blueberries and chatting with Nani for a few minutes! :)
Her hair is so wild, today, but I just don't have the ambition to fight her and put it up in something today.
I think my little girl is on the mend- she's been napping for about 3 hours, with only a little wake up in the middle for some snuggle-time with her Papa, so I'm hoping that she only gets better and better as she gets more of the medicine in her!

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