Sunday, January 30

5 months!

Jackson has been around our house for 5 months, now!!

Can you believe it??! I can't!!
Here's what he's up to:
he weighs 12 lbs. 12 oz., more than 6lbs. higher than his birthweight
he's 29 inches tall, more than 10 inches longer than he was when he was born
he had his first taste of rice cereal
he smiles and giggles and laughs at his sister
he plays with toys- grabbing at them and actually getting them
he rolls from his back to his front and from his front to his back
he's wearing 3-6 month clothes- he just went through a huge growth spurt in the last few days!!
the best part about this little guy is that he's sooo incredibly smiley!
He just smiles and giggles at everyone and everything!
His favorite, though, is his sister. Anytime she comes near him he just lights up!
I love you, baby Jack! You light up my life!

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