Thursday, January 6

there are days that I wish...

I were Hailey's Papa, instead of her Mama! Korey and Hailey have so much fun playing together. He never has to worry about making dinner instead of playing with her, or cleaning the house...or anything boring like that- he can just focus on playtime when he's done with work!
(that's where the analogy falls apart...I would NEVER want to go to work every day instead of hanging out with my kiddos!)

Hailey's new favorite thing is to get a ride in Korey's pants pockets!
She's also a big fan of putting her "Papa" to be on the kitchen floor and covering him up with towels and washclothes!

she was so proud of herself, she even stopped to pose for a picture!

I'm pretty sure that Papa has a good time playing, too. He considers himself her life sized doll!

at the very end of the drawer she found a little baby bib and of course she knew that he had to have that, just in case he wanted to eat while sleeping! :)

then, when mommy finally put an end to the amount of towels she could get out of the drawer, she pulled 'em all off and started over...can you see that huge pile of towels and washclothes??
(I wasn't even exaggerating- she really did take them all out)

after all the playing, Korey snuggled her up on the couch in a blanket and watched "the cat in the hat"! :)
How much better can life get, huh?! Does it make you wish you were Hailey's Papa??

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  1. That is SOOO sweet! Oh my goodness! :) That made my heart smile.

    Have a great day!