Tuesday, January 18

it's been kind of poopy...

around here lately! I honestly can say that I was greatly shocked at what I saw the other day when I went to get Hailey out of her bed in the morning. There's not much that shocks me, anymore, and I even have been known to say that nothing Hailey comes up with would shock me, but I guess she made a liar out of me again! (isn't that some sort of kid specialty??) :)
What shocked my senses was a crib, a little girl, all her bedding and stuffed animals covered in poop!! Yup, that's right- I did say poop!! She had poo'd in her diaper sometime in the night or early morning and decided that it would be fun to take her jammies and diaper off and play in it. Needless to say her Momma did not think that was a good idea and neither did her Papa, but she didn't ask us...in fact, she didn't even ask us when she did it the second time!! Yup, that's right- most kids don't even do it once, but my kid is such an over achiever that she did it twice!! Lucky for her, her mom and dad are very resourceful and now she gets to wear duct tape on her diaper!! And, so far our little houdini has not mananged to remove the duct tape to get to the diaper...not that she hasn't tried, she just hasn't succeeded- YET! And, if I find her again covered, head to toe, in poop- it won't even shock me!! :)
Hailey has been up to some cute little things these days, as well! She's starting to really like her baby brother! Which is a huge relief to me. I was seriuosly wondering if it would ever happen. But, now that he can smile and talk back to her- she loves him! :) It warms my heart!
she also got a new potty and has been trying it out a few times a day. So far we've only managed to get her to go in it once, but I figure it's a start that she even wants to sit on it! :)
She's been copying her Daddy more and more- even finding his hats laying around the house and putting them on! The best part is that she then comes to me and says, "cute, cute"!! Nothing wrong with our little girls self esteem! :)
We're really hoping that the rest of this week is filled with more cute little things and less poop! ;)

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  1. If its any encouragement, you are not alone! Grace did the same thing and if it wasn't poop, she would pee everywhere! We also did the duct tape thing which worked. After a couple weeks we stopped putting the duct tape on and she never did it again! Hope you have the same luck. :)