Tuesday, September 3

First day!

It's done...and we all survived :) 
Today was Hailey's first day of 4K. 
In some ways it was easier than I anticipated; in some ways it was harder. 
Hailey was beyond excited this morning. I had to wake her and she pretty much bounced out of bed with a smile on her face! I had to force a few spoonful of food into her and barely got a picture before she excitedly jumped into daddy's car and drove off...at which point I cried a whole pile of tears into my coffee cup! The only time she seemed a little sad was when she couldn't wake up jack to say goodbye and when she kissed her kitty goodbye! (I see how I rate...) :) 

Jackson on the other hand shed tears when he woke up and realized Hailey was gone, shed more tears when we didn't pick her up before naps this afternoon and shed even more tears at bedtime when I told him Hailey was going to go to school again. Poor kiddo just had a little bit if a rough time without his little "bestie"! 

All in all the hardest part of my day was as I was rubbing Hailey's back at bedtime tonight and she said "do I have to go back to school, momma? Because I don't want to. It's a long time, I missed you and I'm a little shy without you"! Talk about breaking a mommy's heart. All day she had nothing but good to say, but just those few words whispered in the dark were my undoing! I don't think I've shed so many silent tears for my big girl, in a very long time- actually, quite possibly ever!! I know that Hailey was really tired and that she'd had a super big day, I also know that God is big enough to take care of my girl, I know that He loves her more than I do, I know that He has her best in mind...sometimes I just need to be reminded!

 "Blessed is the one who trusts in The Lord, whose confidence is in Him" Jeremiah 17:7
we made cookies, yesterday, and read the kissing hand and made a little craft to go with it! 
daddy and his little girl on there way to school!
Hailey and Jackson after school

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