Saturday, August 31

a Super birthday!

my little man turned 3 on Friday...we had his birthday party's been somewhat of a whirlwind around here, lately! 
But, it was fun to have 2 full days to just spend playing super heros, eating birthday cake and basically just having tons of fun!! 
 Jackson was born on my littlest brothers 16th birthday party. We call them "birthday buddies" :) 
 we once again had a beautiful cake made by a very creative friend! 
we had a bunch of super cakes and little masks, all ready for the little kiddos :)
Hailey helped make a cool little banner for the birthday boys!
 yummy, yummy cake!!
 present opening, playing dollies and giving hugs was all part of the super fun day :)
 Macy and Elli loved the day, too....well, they loved it all except for waiting for cake :) 
In so many ways I feel like Jackson has been 3 for so long...he just seems like he's in such a hurry to grow up and keep up with Hailey! Some days I just wish he would sit still and let me snuggle him and keep him little a little longer!! :) 

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