Wednesday, September 4

making the most...

Of our day with Hailey :)
I think one of the biggest blessings about having Hailey away for a whole day at a time is that we all miss each other so much that the next day is sweeter than ever! Hailey and Jack just had the best of times playing and hanging out today...and the m's really were happy to have their main entertainer and interpreter home :) and mommy...well, lets just say mommy is so incredibly thankful for just 2 days a week without Hailey! 
We definitely made the most of our "sandwich day" with Hailey! She played school with everyone this morning. We wrote with chalk after Daddy got home. Rest time was spent outside on our sleeping bags reading stories and playing with dolls and dinosaurs. We played playdoh. We did lots of snuggling and Hailey's favorite- we got to watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. :) And...last, but not least, Maysen and Maelle played peek a boo with each other in a tree. 

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