Wednesday, September 11

Where we've been...

I feel like I've been absent from the blog a bit lately...
but, here's a little taste, from my phone, of why:
we've been-
hanging out with daddy...wearing camo to match him, after a morning out goose hunting and helping him fix the truck after we get home from school and telling him all about our day :) 
trying our best to keep our little Maelle out of trouble (it hasn't been very successful)

enjoying a little bit of downtime...and a little bit of some crazy views! 

playing and playing some more on the swings

going to baby buddies at our church...and showing up with the twins still in their pj's :)

shopping at Target :)

hugging, snuggling and reading with the twinnies 

packing sweet little lunches for my precious 4k-er :) 
I think food must be a love language of mine...I have always packed Korey's lunch for work and I've really enjoyed doing that for Hailey, too. It's been fun to just have one way to show her my love while she's away all day!  

I knew that life with 4 itty bitties was going to be busy, but I never truly believed that it was going to get busier as the kids got older. It definitely is more fun and a bit easier, now that I'm getting more sleep at night, but it's still busy, busy, busy trying to keep up with these 4!! So, forgive me if you don't see a lot on here :) 

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  1. I love the showing up in jammies! I would so be there with you :-)