Tuesday, September 17

It's that season...

...the one where daddy disappears and ends up in the woods ;) 

This year we decided to all go and help him out a bit setting up his stand and clearing some branches around it. I'm fairly certain we were super helpful and he will now have tons and tons of deer at his stand...or we may have ruined any chances he gets for ever seeing deer back there, again, but either way we had a super fun time!! (and that's what counts...right, Korey?!) :) 
I'm pretty sure Maysen and Maelle were having a punching contest through this little tree! 

look, mommy- there's a little stool out here for me to sit on!! 

We sure do have some fun, goofy little kids :) These 4 pretty much keep me laughing all the time! (it's an either laugh or cry house...thankfully they're usually so goofy it's hard not to laugh, even when you wanna cry) :)

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  1. Haha...love it! My husband was talking about getting me a license this year, I never go out hunting. He asked if I would, I said I would, then he asked if I'd actually shoot anything, I said yes, I would....with my camera. I may or may not be going hunting this year lol