Friday, August 2

A day at the doctor

All the kids had doctor appointments thus morning, so korey took off and helped me out :) we had fun, we giggled and laughed, but best of all the kids and i went out for ice cream afterwards! 
Only Jackson needed shots and here he is showing how tough he was when he got them. There were no tears, but a lot of growling or roaring at shots and when he was done he said, "it still hurts, momma, why does the shot still hurt?" :) poor kiddo! 
There may possibly have been some hiding under the chairs when it was time for shots...
Surprisingly everyone was fairly well behaved. :) 
I think daddy even had fun looking at the fishes :) 
Here are the new stats : 
Hailey age: 4 1/2, weight: 35lbs 3oz, height: 3'5"
Jackson age:almost 3, weight: 26lbs, height 3'11"
Maysen age:20 months, weight: 23 lbs 10oz, height: 2'8"
Maelle age:20 months, weight: 21lbs 15oz, height: 2' 7.5" 

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