Sunday, August 25

Fun :)

We spent a night this weekend with friends at their cabin- with just our little boy! It was a little weird to do something with just Jackson, since we've never had him all by himself! He definitely missed Hailey, but our friends little boy was a good stand in :) poor thing got a little beat up, but I think it may be just jack's way of paying him back for all the picking drew did on him when they were younger ;) 
I think the whole family had a good time! I got to relax a little bit (but mostly got a lot of exercise walking up and down the very long and steep stairway between the dock and cabin- it seemed longer and steeper with each trip up and down) :) and spend a lot of time talking and playing! Korey got to fish and hang out with his BFF, so he was happy! Jackson got to fish, drive the boat, sleep with mommy and miss his nap, so he was happy! Hailey got to get incredibly spoiled by grandma and grandpa, so she was happy! And Maysen and Maelle got to spend time playing with Nani and Papa so they were happy!! 

Jack was pretty wore out from all the fun he had!! :) Isn't he just the most precious little thing when he's sleeping?! Hard to believe that this little boy is gonna be 3 at the end of this week...

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