Wednesday, August 7

It's that time...

Hailey and I went out today to celebrate "back to school"! It's a little early- we still have almost a month before school starts, but with all the busyness that we have going on the rest of the month I thought we should do our celebratory lunch date and shopping trip early! :) 
It's kind of fun to have a chance to start new traditions! All week hailey and I have both been looking forward to this day and we got lucky in that daddy worked last night so he got off work at noon and was able to join us after lunch, everything's more fun with him around!!! (Lucky for him he missed lunch at the new Panera bread) :) 
I'm seriously having a really hard time with the thought of hailey growing up and going to school- I'm gonna miss that little bugger around here!! It seems funny, but i think mom's can all agree that watching your little ones grow up is hard! 

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