Sunday, June 9

whew...what a whirlwind

the last few days have been filled with-
empty boxes
organizing rooms
hanging pictures
good friends
good help
potty accidents
eating fresh asparagus straight from the garden
searching our children's bodies for ticks
dousing ourselves in mosquito spray
baking cookies
having bonfires
taking walks to the mailboxes
learning to ride bikes on gravel
spills off of bikes
baths every night
lots of rain
jumping in puddles
traipsing through the woods
finding.loving.burrying pet worms
killing bees
finding the wonder in creation
enjoying the great big outdoors in our backyard
all of which has not left much time for picture taking or blogging ;) 
I'm so thankful that on Saturday a few of my very artistic girl friends helped me hang all the pictures in the living room and hallways so I have 2 places that are all set and incredibly peaceful to be in :) 

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