Friday, June 7

feeling blessed

Each morning when I wake up, I look outside my bedroom window (we have 2 big windows in our bedroom and a big window in our bathroom) and I feel so blessed...then, I open the window and smell the smell of "country" and know that I'm blessed indeed! Moving is NOT fun. Moving with 4 kids- 2 of them cutting big teeth is certainly NOT fun. But...I'm finding that it is sooo worth it. Living in a shoebox for 3 months was sooo worth it. This house is our dream come true and we love it!! 
here are some of the views from our windows...
(and one view of the living room- just wanted you to see that we still live in chaos and mess) :) 
 our house is built on 7 acres and our backyard borders a school forest and some public land- so we have lots of space to run and play! The huge drawback, right now, is that because of all the rain the mosquitos are so awful. Poor Maysen and Maelle are just eaten alive each time they go outside. Macy got a little bite on her eye and it looks absolutely awful :( poor baby!!
With all the space our dog- Allie is pretty much the happiest little thing ever! she's just running and chasing squirrels and guinea hens and running some more :) I think we even like her better, now that she has some space to run and wear herself out in!
On last Saturday we came out to the house and planted our garden. Korey and his mom and dad pretty much did the whole thing- with a lot of great help from Hailey and Jack :) I took a few pictures, but mostly worked on getting stuff put together in the house. 
One of my favorite parts about the house is that it came with a really quiet dishwasher, a nice fridge and a newer front loading washer and dryer :) I love the fact that I can run the dishwasher once or twice a day and not spend so much of my day washing dishes. I love the fact that I can do a load of laundry a day and keep on top of our clothes, since the washing machine is bigger than ours was. I love the fact that the freezer is on the bottom of our new fridge and I can open the fridge to get out milk without Maysen and Maelle climbing in and pulling stuff out! :) It's all little stuff, but it definitely makes my life easier!!
We moved all of the stuff we were living with in our shoebox house and have most of it put away. We painted the kitchen and dining room. And tomorrow we have some friends coming to help us move all the rest of our stuff. I'm excited to settle in and put all of our stuff away! Right now the house feels a little bare :) Maybe after it's all put away I'll take some more pictures! 


  1. sounds realy nice! very excited for you! its so fun when the kids 'help' plant ;)

  2. So exciting...I think you need to do a room by room tour {if not for here...then at least for me}.

    What a blessing!

    1. thanks, Jess! You're so sweet to even care so much :) Once again, I wish we lived closer so we could have you over, let the triplets and twins run all around the screened porch, the bigger kids run and play outside and we could have a cup of tea and coffee ;)