Wednesday, June 26

19 months!

I can't believe that I forgot...our babies turned 19 months yesterday- yikes!! what in the world was I doing?! ;) hahaha...what wasn't I doing, right?! 
well- there's really not much that these crazy kids aren't up to. They are getting so big and acting so grown up.
My favorite new thing that they've been doing a lot is blowing each other kisses and then giggling about it. 
here's a little bit else of what they're up to:
fighting over certain sippy cups and/or nukkies
Maelle moved into the booster seat at the table...Macy wants to, but she managed to put her feet up on the table and push her chair over a few too many times, so she's still in her highchair :) 
they've decided that they're not too huge of fans of the little pool
they've figured out how to lay on their tummies on the swing and swing themselves
they can push their little "car" up the ramp in the backyard and ride it down
they know whose nuk and blankie is whose- and you aren't allowed to mess it up!
they've been fighting a lot more, if they both want something Macy doesn't seem to give up as easily anymore
they're talking A LOT more- saying: more, please, thank you, baby, puppy, kitty, pretty, strawberry, nose, eye, and probably a whole host of other things I haven't quite put together yet :)
according to our at home scale Maelle is 21lbs and Maysen is 23lbs...that would make Maysen and Jackson the same weight difference as Maysen and Maelle- better watch out, buddy, they're gaining on you fast :) 
I think that Maysen has a few inches on Maelle, too...not sure how that happened, but I think it has a lot to do with Maelle being a little too busy to sit down and eat :) 
Happy 19 months baby girls!! You're so precious to me- I wish I could snuggle you and cuddle you and keep you this age forever :) 

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