Friday, June 21

day #11

what do you do when you've had the same hacking cough, the same runny, snotty noses and the same cranky kids for 11 days in a row...
you take baths at odd times of the day (numerous baths a day)
you have ice cream for supper
you put the naughty babies in the corner ;)
you let them cry on the floor
you let them entertain themselves anyway they know how- even if it means turning the lights on and off for hours at a time
you stay in jammies all day
you fill up the pool
you run the sprinkler
you make silly faces and take pictures
you let the babies help you weed
you spend as much time as possible outside- vitamin D and sunshine help anyone feel better :)
and if all else fails- you call the neighbor's and ask them to take a kid or two for a bit :) 

1 comment:

  1. Wouldn't mind having your neighbors lol
    Sounds like good times and memories to me :-)