Thursday, June 20

in this house...

we are real
(you'll find toys on the floor, crumbs under the table, laundry unfolded...we don't hide things from our friends)
we make mistakes
(it's true- each and every one of us does)
we say I'm sorry
(especially when our mistakes hurt others)
we give second chances
(you can try anything twice here...maybe not 3 times, but definitely twice)
we have fun
(lots and lots and lots of it-especially if it means ice cream for supper)
we give hugs
(and snuggles)
we forgive
(immediately-anyone who asks for it and even those who don't)
we do really loud
(enough's loud in this house)
we are patient
(we don't get mad at spilled milk or broken vases)
we love
(because Christ first loved us)
When I was looking for something for our dining room wall I found this quote on etsy and immediately felli n love. It described our family and what we're trying to accomplish each day so well. I think it'll be a great reminder to me, as well as to our kiddos, each time we see it! We've had it for a while, but, this morning, I finally had some time on my hands and Macy helped me put it up on the wall- while the older 2 were gone with our old neighbors, Bob and Karen, and Elli napped. It was great fun for both of us :) I think she reveled in the little bit of mommy time that she got alone and it was great fun to only have one little helper for this project!! 

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