Tuesday, June 11

a glorious morning

this morning my 2 matching princesses woke up a little early- in the middle of my sitting on the screened porch drinking coffee and reading my Bible :) (something that has been gloriously happening after Korey leaves for work and before the kiddos wake up) So, after diaper changes, getting sippies of milk and some cheerios- they joined me on the porch. We just had the greatest time- for about a 1/2 hour before the other 2 joined us and life began in full force :)
One of the biggest blessings of this house is that the kiddos have been sleeping better! I think it's due to: a) all the running and playing we do outside each day b) the fact that they each of the big kids have their own room, so they don't wake each other up c)the house is bigger so we don't wake them up just by walking around the house and getting Korey off to work, but regardless to the reason- I'm loving it and so are they (kids with lots of sleep are sooo much happier) :) Not to mention that a mom with time for her Bible in the morning is so much more pleasant throughout the day :)  

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  1. So glad that the blessings in your new home continue! Such special time with those little ones.