Saturday, June 21

time marches on...

3 years ago our precious twins were a mere thought in our minds...something we stressed about, prayed about and begged God to take care of. And today- they are wild, crazy adventurous and totally not willing to take life sitting down! They may have taken their sweet time coming into the world, but they have been ready to play keep up since then. Yesterday, they hit a big milestone- they each got their own little bike! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!
honestly...make life stand still for just a minute or two, God. These girls are getting so big, so fast and I can hardly handle it! You should see Macy race around on her little bike. She acts like she's been riding her whole life- she's a complete natural. Elli struggles a bit more, but she's pretty good at it, too! Last summer I felt like I was marveling at how well Jack was riding his bike and the summer before Hailey was just learning how to peddle Hailey is on two wheels, Jack is an old pro and my babies are keeping up!
two days ago both of the twins decided they wanted to ride bikes and fought over the one we had every waking the point that Macy fell and put her front teeth through the top of her lip, had blood pouring out of her mouth and still wanted to get back and ride!! Crazy kid! After that we went and searched on craigslist for the first available bike. thankfully it's pink and purple...unfortunately it has the loudest most annoying horn EVER known to man. It may go missing one of these days ;)
our little biker gang- getting ready to hit the open road...aka...the driveway ;)

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