Monday, June 9

So big

Hailey's last day of school was last week and I seriously can NOT believe how much she grew this last year. It brings me to tears when I think how proud I am of her! I can NOT believe how much different the first day of school was versus her last day of school. I almost had to pull her out of the school and away from her friends to go on a trip with Nani and Papa. She's been so happy and so loved at school. It's been a blessing to watch her little personality shine through and the "real" Hailey feel comfortable enough to shine out! Her report card from the fall said, "Hailey is such a sweet, quiet child, who listens well to instructions" for the spring it said, "Hailey is friendly, outgoing, helpful and gets along very well with the girls and the boys" (and boys was underlined twice) :) whew- that's more like the little girl I know and love!! I had no idea who that shy, quiet little girl was! Her report card also showed that she had grown in every single area of academics. She has flourished and I'm so proud of her- especially because I know it had nothing to do with me- it was the first thing that she did all on her own. It does a mommy's heart good to see her baby girl spreading her wings and doing it well.  I'm not sure I would be so excited with how the school year ended up, had we not had such a rough start to the year- had I not had to pry her off my leg and walk away from her tears and quivery lip- for a good 3 weeks!
here's my little girl...last day and then first day of 4K
on the first day of 4K, Hailey ran out of school and hugged her brother like she would never let him go- the last day she could barely stop hugging her little friends to take a picture and he kept trying to catch a bumble bee...
to celebrate our big girls "graduation" we walked up Rib Mtn and took in the view and then went out for pizza! I think she had a great day!
we all had a good day...and were glad that we could celebrate such a big milestone! 

To be honest I am proud of all of us...getting up, getting all packed into the car and getting Hailey to school on time and picked up on a pretty big accomplishment! It was rough and some of the hardest times of my day were those times. But it was a growing time- not always fun, but always good and mostly pretty humbling! (I really never thought I'd ever drop my kid off in my pj's- let alone just being glad I actually had time to put my hair in a ponytail, forgetting makeup and any semblance of normal "going out" clothing)


  1. This whole growing up thing is for the birds, it's just not fair how fast it goes. I still can't believe that my oldest is going to be 5 soon.