Sunday, June 15

A great dad!

It's really no surprise that the man I married is a great Dad.
One of the reasons I married him was because he was so good with kids and wanted to have a big family.
What's surprising, though, is just how great of a Dad he's become! Before we had kids I may have had some ideas of what  great Dad is, but seeing a great Dad in action, every single day, has given me a bit of a better idea of all that goes into being a great Dad!
Great Dad's sacrifice for their kiddos...they stay up late, they work hard, they give and they give...even if it means only making a special little tire swing to surprise their kids with when they wake up in the morning!
Great Dad's don't just spend time with God, they teach their kids that time with God is important and invite them to join them in His search for Him.  
Great Dad's give great haircuts and then make funny faces about them!
Great Dad's take their sons to work with them and let them take risks...then, they bandage them up, hug and kiss their owies!
Great Dad's have a great sense of humor! They laugh ALOT and about ALOT of things...including father's day cards made out to "my bobby" :)
I was blessed to have a GREAT DAD growing up and now I'm incredibly blessed to watch a GREAT DAD in action! Thank you, Jesus!

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