Tuesday, June 24

A little scare

Elli scared her mom and dad pretty bad yesterday. What started out as a simple rash in the morning, slowly spread to her whole body and took over her face.
It may seem like no big deal, but since I know what it's like to have an allergy and feel your throat closing up I was petrified. I didn't know I could get to the ER that fast from our house. 
God was really watching out for our baby and sent me a precious friend that suggested I check on elli, during her nap, just to be safe. I've never been so grateful for a piece of friendly advice before! This is what I saw when I went to check on her:I immediately woke her up and started packing to go. Thankfully the same friend was over and watched the kids so I could just take her and go. I'm so thankful we got to the doctor when we did. The whole way there she just listlessly laid in her car seat and scratched at her throat. when we saw the doc he said her breathing was fine, but she had hives on her tongue and throat, so the outcome could have been different. Praise God, that about 10 minutes after she was given medicine she was back to her spunky self and the swelling was starting to go down. By the time we picked up the prescriptions and got home her face was back to it's normal color and she was totally working the system for more Popsicles and a cookie. :) I was just happy to see her being spunky and looking less puffy, so she got Popsicles and a cookie! :) I have friends battling way bigger problems, with their kiddos and I know this is a simple and easy to fix problem, but Korey and I both went to bed thanking God that our baby was ok and praising Him for sending a friend our way that day. 
It does my heart good to see her looking cute and a lot less puffy this morning!

It was so precious to see the bond of my little twinnies yesterday- the first one elli asked for was Macy and leanne was amazed at how different Macy acted without elli and how she kept talking about her. There's just something sweet about their relationship. Makes me even more grateful that we don't have to raise one without the other- breaks my heart to think about it.

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