Tuesday, June 10

"a picture"

We had such a funny experience today...one that makes me think about how pictures really don't do "life" justice! In an effort to make today special, since it was Hailey's last full day of school and Korey was working late, I took the kids for ice cream for supper. We did have a great time, just like the pictures show, but they don't tell the whole story! About the time we all sat down, after building our perfect strawberry and chocolate (for the girls) and only vanilla (for Jack) ice cream creations- complete with gummy butterflies (carefully choosing only the purple ones for Elli) and nerds candy, took the first few bites of ice cream Jack decided he had to go potty. So, we all packed up our ice cream and traipsed to the bathroom. The best part of this kind of place is that the bathroom is out a door and down a long hallway...the catch is that the door has a lock on it, which my children seemed to find incredibly appealing. After we all dragged our ice cream cups into the bathroom, everyone took a chance going potty, washed 5 sets of hands and finally set back out to the table...we realized that the same little ones who found that lock very intriguing, figured out how to lock it and we were locked out of the restaurant!! I ended up having to take my whole little crew, carrying four little bowls of melty, drippy ice cream- all the way through a nice (incredibly clean) little office building to  the sidewalk...and finally make our way back to our table. After that big trek to the bathroom (I never did have the guts to go back in and tell the people we accidentally locked the door- hopefully someone else will figure it out) most of our ice cream was melted and we had to fish our candy out of it. :) so...you, see, a picture really isn't worth a million words...and it can be pretty deceiving!

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  1. Oh yea...those are the things that I wish I could really film. The true life events that are just not picture-able.