Sunday, February 10


say what?! yup, you read that right...for a few hours (almost 24) we realized what it would be like to have triplets at our house! Our dear friends allowed us the privilege of serving them by watching their precious little Drew while they went to an overnight marriage retreat. It was a fun little time for us and, hopefully, a break for them! Since it was Korey's bff (yup, that's right- Korey has a best friend forever) ;) and his wife, Korey promised to help me out and help he did...he entertained (as evidenced by picture #2) he held babies (as evidenced by picture #3- down) and he found the baby gate and put it up so that Drew wouldn't fall down the stairs! What a great bff, huh?! ;) (sorry, I just think its so funny and love to tease Korey about his bff...bear with me)  It was crazy and wild fun!! We changed diapers in succession, we fed babies in succession, we gave sippies and bottles in succession, we put babies down for naps all at the same time- in fact, it wasn't a whole lot different than our every day normal life, except one extra! Which did make it a little tricky when the 3 of them were fussy...or when the 3 of them wanted me to hold them at the same time, but thankfully, I didn't have to do it alone- Korey was here! (totally not sure how you do it every day by yourself, Jess)  I think Hailey had a great time, too. You would think she'd be "baby'd" out with all the babies we have around here, but it's always fun and exciting to have a new one, I guess. She loved to play with Drew and feed him his breakfast. It was like a brand new toy for her!! :) Thanks for trusting us with your precious cargo- Jake and Nikki :) Hopefully he came back in one piece and we followed the whole sheet of instructions well enough to not damage him for life!!

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