Saturday, February 9

one for the books

there have been a few moments where I have actually felt like a super mommy...yesterday morning was one of those times! I, all by myself, managed to get a bead out of Jackson's nose!! Lets not go into the reasons as to why my son was unsupervised long enough to get the bead into his nose, the fact that I'm not even entirely sure where the bead came from, the fact that I sent panic ridden text messages to a friend who'd "been there and done that" with her daughter- asking for advice, the fact that I bribed him with anything and everything under the sun- including an ice cream cone at 9 in the morning, or the fact that I'm pretty sure it came out only because of Hailey's sweet prayers and lots and lots of snot caused by all the crying and screaming- from him and mommy...because all of those things make me feel a lot less like a super mommy ;) Let's just focus on the fact at hand- I got a bead out of my son's nose- without having to take him to the emergency room!! woohoo! I can chalk that one up as an experience for the books! Good thing he doesn't look any worse for the wear and I can just sit and laugh at one more experience that I hope to never have to repeat!! :) 
the bead, the ice cream cone, and super Jack- the great bead sticker :) 

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