Thursday, February 21


what can I say about this girl that I haven't already said??! I just love my little Hailey girl! She lights up my life- and everyone else's, too. With life being in an upheaval, lately, Hailey has been a little ray of sunshine for me. She makes me laugh. She keeps me grounded. She reminds me of when I'm not being very kind of nice. She actually reminds me of a lot of things...I'm kind of forgetful :) She keeps me dressing well- I think her daddy may be secretly paying her, because she keeps begging me to wear skirts and dresses more... She's a true gem! Lately, we've been working on being a good hostess and what all that means-serving others, giving them first pick, allowing them to play with your best toys/things, sharing, giving up the biggest cookie, etc. and she's been so precious with her serving of her brother and her daddy dinner, wanting to make her daddy cookies and bars, and sharing her toys with her friends when they come over. I think she's gonna be a great hostess someday when she has a house of her own! 
Here are some of my favorite Hailey quotes:
"mom, you don't have to bring your money to the grocery store. I'm bringing mine and I can buy everything we need" as she proudly showed me her wallet with 15 pennies and 2 dimes in it ;) 
"I have to wear my shades everywhere because Jack's so cool he's hurting my eyes"
"let's go get those stinky babies"
while stalling before bed, "wait, I have one more thing to tell you...I, ahhh, I ahhh, I just love you so much that I don't want you to have to leave and go be by daddy and watch his silly tv shows. you stay with me and I'll tell you a super duper fun story. won't that be better, mom?" 
when I asked her why she drew all over Maelle's face with a marker, "I wanted her to have a tattoo so she'd always remember that she's my favorite. it's a picture of me and her together at the park." 
when I asked her why she colored her eye lids and lips with a purple marker, "I need to wear pretty make up like you, 'cause you're soooooo beautiful" (at least she's a good suck up, right?)
when I asked her why she colored all over her pillow with a marker, "It was green and green is ugly. I wanted it to be purple, because purple is my second favorite color"
"I'm so good at coloring. won't daddy be proud of me and all my great work when he gets home" :)
(do you notice the pattern with all the coloring...crafts are her new "thing") 
"ooh, I look just like a princess in this dress. Jack, you be the prince and come rescue me. no, not the mean dragon. a prince. you have to obey your sister, just like the Bible says" hmmm...not sure about her theology on that one ;)
"awww, mom, these babies are so silly I just can't stop laughing at them" 
"I just wanna marry daddy. please, mommy, can't I just marry daddy. he's my favorite and I love him best of all. please, oh please" (sorry, sweet pea, he's my favorite, too, and I got him first) :)

Hailey and Jack are going to stand up together in my little brother's wedding at the end of August...they were practicing...hopefully they won't be running and Maelle won't be jumping in front of the picture, on the real wedding day :) 

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  1. I read a story today about a boy who went down the church aisle with his hands up like paws and growling. The guests were near tears with laughing. When asked, he said he was being the ring bear. Now whatever Jack does will be less disruptive than that and you can be thankful for that. Enjoyed all the quotes from Hailey...a sweet firstborn is a blessing to the whole family.