Thursday, February 7

"I love my cousin"

that's what Hailey's been saying all day. she loves her cousin-Jace and his brother Cole.  Korey's brother and his boys are visiting from Texas for a few days and it was great fun to see the kids interact; enjoy the snow; teach each other a few new tricks; keep Grandma hopping; fight over paci's. In the beginning things were a little rough- no one was really sure what to make of the other. No one was really sure they wanted to share THEIR Grandma with anyone else. No one was sure what to think.  Thankfully, snacks and games are the universal kid ice breaker and they were soon fast friends! Jace and Hailey are a little over a year apart, Jace is the older of the 2, and Cole and Jackson are about 3 months apart, Jackson being the older of the 2. It was a fun thing to see- them all play together and share toys and giggle and laugh!  

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