Monday, February 25

the bottom?!

Before I had the twins I had an idea of what "the bottom" for me would...the ultimate show that I'd given up and just embraced the crazy. At that time I figured if I went to a store (even Walmart) in sweatpants without makeup that would be the ultimate bottom for me. The one sign that I needed to wake up and get my life together. The thing is...I already did that and surprisingly it didn't seem so bad. At that point I figured I just didn't care anymore, I'd already just accepted the fact that time alone was such a premium that given the chance to get out of the house I wouldn't even stop or think twice I would just run for the door :) 
But, today I realized that the ultimate bottom wasn't going to the store without make up and in my sweatpants- it's wearing un-matched socks- not just some of the time, not just once in a while, not just on the spur of the moment...but, ALL the time! I sat down today to match up socks and realized that I haven't done that in a long, long, long time. Hailey's never been one to match or care about things like that and I think she's been wearing off on me (or I've just gotten incredibly lazy) because I've been wearing un-matched socks a lot lately. Yikes! I even wore unmatched socks to Minneapolis with a group of girls, without even thinking twice about it. I think this is the ultimate bottom...the true sign that I need to get my life together...think I'll work on that next week :) tonight I'm just gonna sit here with my unmatched fuzzy socks and watch the biggest looser! (Korey's not home, so I get to watch whatever I want) :)
 Maelle's got some good style, too :) Must run in the family, huh?!


  1. Your not alone at the bottom, I'm there too with my un-matched socks. LOL!

  2. Haha....I spent 2 hours the other night matching up socks...I KID YOU NOT. I'm ridiculous about my feet and cannot wear socks that do not match...but I'm sure I have other "hit the bottom" things. I'm just too drained to figure out what they are ;-)

    1. you wouldn't believe this, but our babysitter came the other night with mismatched socks and said that they came as a set!! can you believe it?? I'm actually on the upward swing of a trend...not a harried mom that can't keep her socks matched ;)