Tuesday, December 7

Time for a Christmas Tree

Doesn't she look excited?! ;)
He looks a little more excited about getting the tree!
On the way...to find the perfect tree!
Daddy got to carry Jackson!
Here it is- we found the perfect one!
yummy, the snow tastes good!

I'm not really sure what a random chair was doing in the woods, but it was a convenient holder for the saw!
Hailey wanted to give the tree a hug...but, it was kind of prickly!
helping Daddy cary the tree to the car!

Hailey got her own special little tree
she really liked eating the snow and ice...
too bad we don't have much of it and she mostly ate the grass! :(
here they are putting it up!
Hailey's such a good helper!!

Christmas is so much more fun and exciting this year- Hailey is finally big enough to enjoy all the festivities and it makes it so much more exciting to watch her get excited about it all!! :)

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