Sunday, December 12

it takes a little imagination... keep yourself busy when the weather keeps you inside for a few days! :)

So, we got creative! We finally put some rice and some beans in a little tupperware tub and let her play! She had a great time- basically she dumped it on the floor and made a huge mess!!

Then we decided to make an frost some sugar cookies and that was a ton of fun, too- basically Hailey ate the cookie and licked the frosting off the spoon- but I did some frosting while she was busy licking and eating! :)
I'd have to say that I'm a huge fan of snow and I don't even mind days like yesterday and today- when we got over 10 inches of snow, but I'm thinking I may need some more creative ideas if Hailey and I are going to be stuck inside all winter long!!

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  1. So sweet!!! Love this post :)

    Have a great weekend!