Monday, December 27

It's Chrstmas Time!

We had a three day Christmas this year and it was super fun! I remember thinking last year that this year would be even better, because Hailey would be older and more fun- little did I know that it would be more fun because we'd have 2 babies to enjoy it with instead of just one!! :) Hailey really was a blast this year and she LOVED Christmas!! (and all the food and presents and everyone there to play with her)

she really loved having everyone around...her favorite, like usual, was coloring and playing with the kitty- but everything else was icicing on the cake!! :)

Jackson enjoyed the new blankie that Nani made for him and all the extra hands to hold him!

with all the excitement Hailey had to have some downtime at Aunt Connie's house snuggling with the bear!

Aunt Kelly is Hailey's new best friend- she talked about her the whole time we were away from her and even called her on her cell phone toy and had a nice little conversation with her, this morning!! :)

my favorite little dress!

she just was such a little ham!!

and baby Jack just loved all the holding and snuggling!

I loved the fact that Korey had 3 days off and we got to hang out with each other the whole time!

This Christmas my "theme" for myself was JOY and I truly did have a ton of joy in my heart these three days of Christmas!! I have been feeling a little out of sorts these last few weeks, but I think that this Christmas was just what I needed to remind me of where my mind and my heart need to reside! I'm so thankful for my sweet kiddos and my wonderful husband! I can't thank God enough for them and I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for our family!!

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