Monday, December 27

It's a Wisconsin Christmas!

Korey and I often joke about how "wisconsin" we are and how "hick" our families are and never is it more obvious than when we have a family gathering where a lot of our extended families get together! So, here are just a few clues that you may have had a real wisconsin Christmas!
*you spend christmas morning crawling around on the garage floor installing a new bumper
*your brother snowblows the end of the driveway in his pajamas
*you pack snowshoes, a cheese tray and a shotgun all for the same christmas party
*you head over to an old farmhouse for christmas lunch, get your drinks out of a fridge in the breezeway, the car to pick up ratio is 2:6 (and the two cars have Minnesota liscense plates), the topic of conversation ranges from deer hunting to what year your truck is, and your uncle parades around his trophy rack of horns shot in the woods out back
*your daughter gets a round of applause for knowing the difference between a deer and a dog
*the dog gets a better welcome than your cousin who brought him
*your cousin brings his dog with him to Christmas
*everyone says, "if the weather's good, we'll be there"
*Christmas dinner is spent sitting around the tv, watching the football game
*your aunt and uncle have a full bar in their basement, but everyone is drinking beer out of a cooler, labeled "beer"
*the topics of politics and the Packers are off limits for dinner conversation
*you play a game called, "what irritates you", the only rules being you can't name names
*when deciding when to head home on Sunday, you take into consideration what time the Packers play
*you put the kids down for a nap, put on your snowshoes and go grouse hunting in your parent's backyard on Christmas afternoon
*the temperature on Christmas morning is 20 degrees, you think it's a beautiful day and consider taking your daughter's snowpants so she can play outside after you open presents
*your brother in law sits at the kitchen table tying flies for fly fishing!
I hope you had a great Christmas and I even hope that it was a little "wiscosiny"! :)

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