Friday, October 8

Pudding Playtime

Hailey really wanted a snack, today, and I really wanted her to do something "fun" (aka-something that would entertain her for a few minutes so I could get some stuff done...) ;)
So, I borrowed a trick from a friend, and let her do some "finger painting" with chocolate pudding!

here she is with her pudding...hamming it up for the camera!

she wasn't really sure what to make of it at first, but once she got started...

there was no stopping her!

at the end we finally gave up all pretence of playing with it and just chewed on the container! :)

We learned today that pudding is useful for so many's not just for eating, anymore! (although, that is still the best-and yummiest- thing to do with pudding) :)

1 comment:

  1. That is ADORABLE!!!! :) And.. you are a brave woman! :) HA! Love the pics!