Thursday, October 14

Jackson's first pumpkin patch trip!

Jackson, Hailey, and I went on a little trip to Wilke's pumpkin patch with our baby buddies group on Tuesday and it was great fun! :)
here's Hailey, trying to be like the "big" boys...Brogan and his cousin, Jounior
Jackson and I hanging out on the wagon

me and my two kiddos
Hailey and Jackson on the little chairs with their pumpkins...Hailey even picked hers out herself! :)
and, Hailey holding her little brother...
Hailey playing with her and Jackson's pumpkins!
When the kids and I first go to the pumpkin patch, Hailey was a little cranky, so I ended up carrying them both and I was definitely thinking twice about my decision to take them there...luckily we persevered, got some help from our friends and had a really fun time! (even Hailey ended up having a good time) :)

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