Wednesday, October 6


I feel like we're really a family these days...I don't know what we were before- a pretend family??!...but, for sure, now, we're really, truly a family!
here's the proof...our first, real family self portrait! :) I just love self portraits, 'cause everyone look so funny in them- I love how Korye has this huge head and Hailey's barely visible and Jackson looks like he's laughing at us all! :)

our kiddos are starting to figure out how this family things works...Hailey's even helping us by giving Jackson a ride in her stroller! :) hahaha...justkidding, we really didn't let her push him, we just set him int here for the pic!

The happy Papa and his two kiddos!

the happy Mama and the two kiddos!

Korey and I are really enjoying our new family of four! It has been super fun this past week and we're even starting to figure out how everything works and goes together! :)

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