Friday, October 15

It's a breakthrough!

Today, Hailey was throwing one of her fits because I was holding Jackson and I decided to try a new approach...I grabbed her, I grabbed him and I sat on the floor singing to them both, swaying back and forth and...
after about 5 minutes Jackson pooped all over us....
and...miraculously- Hailey stopped crying and fighting to get away from me!! :)
I definitely considered that a huge breakthrough, but it was what happened in the next minute that was even bigger!!
Hailey not only started swaying with me as I sang, but she took her little hand away from mine and snuck in behind her little brother and pulled him close to her and said "wuv you"!
At that point I started crying!
It was the sweetest thing that Hailey has ever done and I loved it.

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