Friday, March 29

firstborns are so special

there was a time...a time when it was just me and this little girl-
this little girl, that's so much bigger now...
seems almost hard to believe that she was so little once when I see how big she is now :) 
my sister is pregnant with her first child...her "Hailey Elise"...her child that she prayed and begged and asked God for repeatedly...her blessing, indeed. 
I'm beyond excited for her. She's been so faithful. So trusting. So believing that God would answer her prayer. And, He did. He blessed her. 
It brings a lot of those feelings back- seeing her enjoying the same excitement and joy that I did not too many years ago. It seems just like yesterday that I took that test and excitedly shared my news with the world. It seems like just a little bit ago that I marveled in God's goodness and graciousness every single minute. It seems like just a few hours ago that I brought that precious firstborn into the world. It feels like just minutes ago that they laid that baby in my arms and I felt like my life was complete. 
I have a hard time not tearing up and jumping up and down with excitement when I think of her as a new mom. Welcoming that first baby into the world is just such a special and exciting time. It's a precious and blessed experience. Something that can never be recreated, regardless of how many more births you have. I love all of my kids, every single birth was incredibly special and wonderful, but nothing equals the excitement and amazing-ness of the first one. And, that is something that my sweet sister is going to find out- sometime around October 6th.
I can't wait- to meet my sister's firstborn!! 

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  1. It absolutely is! I'm so glad that my first was a singleton that I could absolutely and fully enjoy enjoy all of it, every moment...without being completely overwhelmed.