Monday, March 18

A peace that transcends

peace on earth is filled with
patches of sunshine,
warm baths, 
sweet baby smiles,
tender sister hugs
 playing nicely together,
kids helping with chores,
sweet naps on the couch,
the peace of God is a calm and gentle spirit
 regardless of the messy house,
1/2 clothed children,
numerous potty accidents,
a washing machine disaster,
100 square feet per person house,
no alone time,
2 little people pulling at the shower curtain,
a cell phone going swimming in a coffee cup,
unpacking and settling in,
cold coffee,
spilled milk,
no sleep or rest,
spider infestations.
The peace of God transcends all understanding and is applicable and useful for every and any situation! of all...the peace of God has been taking over my heart and my life the last 2 weeks. (your prayers have been working...thanks) The one HUGE blessing of this tiny house is that Korey has been home a lot. We have been spending a lot of downtime together, a lot of talking time together, a lot of filling up my little love tank. Moving and getting the rental ready for us was a stressful and emotionally draining time for all of us. It was hard to have a peaceful heart when you're life was constantly in an upheaval. We worked at it, we prayed for it, we memorized Scripture to help with it, we joined Bible studies, we read our Bibles...all of that helped and kept us in the best frame of mind that we could be in, but there is just nothing as calming and peaceful to a heart as a little bit of downtime after a crazy and stressful time. It feels like God just gave me a break- gave my heart a break- gave my kids a break-gave my husband a break...and we are all loving it and soaking it in!! 


  1. So glad that you are feeling His peace through the craziness!

    1. me, too :) I know I shouldn't be amazed that God answered my prayers for peace, but I am :)