Friday, March 22

so big

My kiddos are growing up and getting so big. It's amazing to see and hard to keep up with. Jackson's looking and acting more and more like his Daddy. He's choosing to spend time with him over me. Hailey's becoming a great big sister. She's learning to do dishes. She's cooking on the stove. Maysen and Maelle are sitting at the table like big girls. Are talking more. (Macy says, "Hi daddy" and Maelle says, "thank you" so clearly that I can't believe that those are their first words.) My little family is seeming less and less little and more and more big! 

The hardest part of them getting bigger is that Maysen and Maelle aren't sleeping in the same bed anymore. My little ones have been together since the womb and it's hard to imagine that at almost 16 months they're done sharing a sleeping place. All those precious moments that I've seen them share are changing and growing with them...they still love each other, they still wrestle and give hugs to each other, they still hold hands, they're still very much a part of each other...but, they're growing up and I'm having a hard time not crying when I think of my sweet babies changing from babies to big girls so quickly! 

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