Sunday, March 24

16 months

what?! can you believe babies are 16 months old!! 
This has been one huge month of changes and growth for our little m&m's. they've learned to say words, "ma" for milk "thank you" (Maelle) "hi daddy" (Maysen) "al-wee" (allie- from Maelle) "puh" for please (Maysen) "sit down" (Maysen)
I don't get how my girls can put two words together, but don't say more real words...little stubborn buggers!!

they've started sleeping separately...Maelle was getting so "jumpy and bouncy" and stealing Maysen's nukkie and blankie and messing with her so much that Maysen was starting to not nap in the afternoons, which was NOT cool for me! So, we begged my mom to let us borrow her pack 'n play and split the girls up. It has worked amazingly well and both girls are sleeping very well on their own! crazy, huh?! who would have thought there would come a day when my babies weren't snuggling in bed together...definitely not me!! I cried the first day and I still feel a little sad and miss those baby days when they snuggled together and slept on top of each other, but I know it's a good decision and every morning that they sleep until 7 or later, I am more and more convinced it's a good idea :) 
they're still constantly on the move- climbing on everything, but are definitely getting better about listening when I tell them to get down or sit down. 

the girlies are loving baths more and more, which is so much more fun and easier for me :) 
they're acting more like big kids, these days. They both love to sit at the little kid table and have lunch- so cute! They've even started to get mad if the older kids get different food than them. 
Both girls are starting to work on getting their molars. Maysen has one and 2 more are very close to coming in and Maelle has 3 huge lumps, but none of them have poked through for her, yet. Teething twins is not my favorite part of being a twin momma- it's actually very stretching and teaches one a lot of patience, but as soon as these little molars come in we'll only have a few more left! 
16 big, yet still so little! I'm enjoying all of these little baby moments we have left, because I know all too well how fleeting these little moments are :) 

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  1. Teething is definitely one of my favorite things either.

    Our trio hasn't slept together in close to a year, because they just didn't fit. I honestly can't even imagine them fitting in a crib and not climbing all over each other lol

    Glad they're sleeping better!